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Top companies in Europe prove us right. Sign more securely & faster.

We are an ambitious young company on a mission to revolutionize document signing for Europe. These satisfied top companies prove us right 🚀.

Medical technology

W&H Dentalwerk: Successful integration of sproof sign for medical technology

W&H Dentalwerk - a pioneer in the dental industry with over 130 years of experience. Their digital signature solution from sproof sign has revolutionized the production process and offers maximum security in a networked world. Find out more about their success story and the future of medical technology.Read entry
Medical education and health science

State-of-the-art security and data protection: PMU relies on sproof sign

The PMU in Salzburg is a renowned institution for medical education and health sciences that spans 22 university institutes. To improve processes and maintain strict security standards, the university uses the digital solution sproof sign as an important part of its workflows.Read entry
Healthcare Industry

Digital signing of prescriptions - teleclinic is a driver of innovation in the field of telemedicine

The digital signing of prescriptions is an essential part of the service offering of the telemedicine platform teleclinic. In June 2022, sproof sign was chosen as the provider for the integration of an optimized signature workflow. Read entry

Private banking in transition - Bank Gutmann relies on digital signature

Gutmann is the market leader in Austria and a specialist in the field of asset management and investment advice. They currently manage around 195 investment funds with a total volume of around 10.5 billion euros. When it comes to sustainability and digitalization, they rely on sproof sign. Read entry

Team Axess chooses digital signature solution from sproof sign

Secure, tailor-made and future-oriented - these are the guarantees for the smart solutions from Axess, which has already stood for the quality of its systems for over two decades. From innovative software solutions to modern access systems, Axess is the all-round and full-service partner when it comes to access for visitors and guests in sports, leisure, culture and transport.Read entry

The greatest in hotel and catering: Hogast signs with sproof sign.

HOGAST ranks as the largest company for the hotel and catering industry in Austria and not only provides its 3,200 member businesses with price advantages through volume bundling, but now also saves them valuable time thanks to spoof sign.Read entry

"sproof sign convinced us". LeasePlan integrates sproof sign for major project.

Lease Plan Austria is the leading specialist for fleet management and car-as-a-service in Austria. With locations in more than 30 countries, the LeasePlan Group stands for innovation & sustainability and relies on sproof sign, among others, for digitalization.Read entry

Success Story PÖTTINGER

The family-run company PÖTTINGER is one of the leading international specialists for grassland, soil cultivation and seeding technology. Find out in the interview with IT project manager Matthias Oberegger how and for which use cases sproof sign was integrated into the group. Read entry

"We do Austria's accounting". The federal accounting agency (BHAG) signs digitally.

The federal accounting agency is mainly responsible for the accounting of Austrian federal ministries and has relied on sproof for the introduction of the digital signature.Read entry

The digital signature is making its way into Austria's law firms.

People trust lawyers. Lawyers now rely more and more on digital methods to facilitate work processes - including digital signatures. At the same time, the highest demands are placed on security and conformity.Read entry
Law, Economy & Taxes

The best of both worlds. Linde & sproof.

Linde Verlag - a specialist publisher of legal, business and tax literature since 1925 - is entering into a cooperation with sproof, the Salzburg-based expert in the field of digital signatures in Europe. In addition to the introduction of the technology throughout the publishing house within the next few weeks, the cooperation also consists of an investment in the company itself.Read entry

Kyocera & sproof. A little digitization fairy tale.

Leading document management provider and globally prominent corporation Kyocera relies on sproof for digital signature integration.Read entry
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