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Success Story PÖTTINGER

Philipp Gernerth
Updated on 28.02.2023

The family-run company PÖTTINGER is one of the leading international specialists for grassland, soil cultivation and seeding technology. The Upper Austrian group not only focuses on increasing sustainability and efficiency in its own products. When it came to choosing the right provider for digitizing signature processes, the company relied on sproof sign. With success!
The young IT project manager Matthias Oberegger and his team were the driving force behind the evaluation and integration of the signature platform. In this interview, you can find out which criteria were used to measure and ultimately decide on the introduction of the digital signature.

Company name:

Short description of the project:
"PÖTTINGER deals with digital agricultural technology and is a pioneer in digital solutions. Already years ago, various e-signature solutions were evaluated. The final trigger for the digital signature project was the Corona situation."

Why sproof:
"...because new developments are available to all customers at no extra charge. For us an important point in our requirements"

Top Feature:
"With batch signature, hundreds of documents can be signed by two business managers at a time with just a few clicks."

Heidi Boller (Head of Sales, sproof) and Mathias Oberegger (IT project manager, PÖTTINGER) at the PÖTTINGER factory in Grieskirchen

How did the decision to introduce the digital signature come about?

Oberegger: "PÖTTINGER is involved in digital agricultural technology and is a pioneer in digital solutions. We already put out feelers in the area of digital signatures years ago. The final trigger for the "digital signature" project was clearly the Corona situation.
At PÖTTINGER, there are five managing directors: two signatures are always required for a valid signature. In times of home office and restriction rules, this was not always easy. Therefore, a faster and more convenient solution had to be on the table."

What criteria were crucial for you when looking for the right e-signature provider?

During the requirements analysis, we looked at the main use cases at our company. In the process, we also received requests. For example, the signature process should be able to be started directly from a SharePoint library or any integration into processes with SAP should also be possible. We can map all this via the API provided by sproof sign.
Crucial for sproof sign as a cloud solution was also the location in Austria and a certain proximity to the company itself. As a family business, PÖTTINGER prefers direct contact.

For which use cases is the digital signature used?

Oberegger: "In daily use, the digital signature replaces the signature folder that travels through all departments every day. This makes us independent of the current location of our managing directors and department heads.
The driving department was our treasury. The daily work with banks also required the introduction of a digital solution.
We will also be using Sproof to process large signature packages in the future. The Corona crisis required the amendment of service contracts in relation to home offices. This required hundreds of documents to be signed by two managing directors each. With the sproof API, we can process this in the future via a kind of mass letter and save the management hours of work."

How did the cloud integration work?

Oberegger: "Staying digitally on the ball as a company in this day and age requires the support of additional software. Additional software on-premise (editor's note: hosting software on own servers) also means additional demand for human resources. It was important for PÖTTINGER to find a cloud service with a European office that can offer high availability and, in an emergency, fast remedial action in the event of any problems.
Staying on the ball also means always evolving. With sproof sign's approach that new developments are available to all customers at no extra charge, an important point in our requirements was met."

"Hundreds of documents often have to be signed by two managing directors each. With the sproof API, we can process this via a kind of mass letter and save the management hours of work."

Matthias Oberegger
IT project manager, PÖTTINGER

What standards regarding data security & compliance must a software solution meet in your company?

Oberegger: "PÖTTINGER attaches great importance to data protection compliance. It was important that the data is only stored in the EU on the one hand, but that there is also a clear regulation of responsibilities over data. Since both our employees and customers are invited to sign, we want to make sure that this data is kept safe."

What do you like most about sproof sign?

Oberegger: "What we like about sproof sign is not only the location in Austria and the user-friendly interface, but also the basis for discussion when it comes to support and customer friendliness. At sproof sign, no matter who you talk to, you can clearly see the motivation of the entire team, which makes it easy to get hooked."

Why sproof sign?Highest security and compliance paired with an "all-in-one" functionality make sproof sign the top European alternative on the e-signature platform market. 100% developed and hosted in Europe.
sproof sign is the highest-rated provider in the e-signature category on the independent evaluation platform OMR Reviews for Q3 and Q4 2023, as well as Q1 2024.