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The digital signature in hospitals

100% legally valid sign

100% GDPR compliant web solution

Measurable acceleration of all release processes

Highest eSignature standard - Made in Europe

Ready to go, no setup or installation required

Maximum speed and efficiency

Our signature solution is integrated into any IT infrastructure in a flash. Thanks to the simplest interface, no training is required for your team, externals or patients.

Maximum security & conformity

Clinic staff, patients and all stakeholders sign with 100% legally binding effect. Qualified electronic signatures are legally equivalent to handwritten signatures.

Highest possible data protection

All services are hosted within the EU and without third country involvement (no US involvement). The handling of sensitive health data meets the highest standards .

These top companies with the highest standards of security & compliance asked themselves the same questions and chose sproof sign.

Why do hospital organizations benefit from the digitized signature process?

A hospital is a healthcare facility for the benefit of people. However, it is also a complex organization with countless internal and external processes. A paradigm shift can be observed in the DACH region: "e-health" is increasingly seen as an opportunity. The secure transmission and storage of personal data in digital ecosystems is seen as an opportunity to be future-proof and competitive. By law (keyword: Hospital Future Act), all hospitals are required to drive forward the digital transformation in favor of security and efficiency.

**Signing documents and contracts is an essential step in almost all processes. **

  • Patient management: declarations of consent, treatment contracts, admissions, discharges, e.g. via a digital patient portal.
  • Internal processes (HR, management): Personnel contracts, references, resolutions, shareholder agreements, etc.
  • Purchasing: purchase agreements, loan agreements, takeovers, delivery bills, etc.

**With sproof sign you digitize all signature processes:**This means 1) increased process speed 2) less paper, printing and logistics 3) simplified collaboration with external parties and patients.

As a 100% European provider, we have focused on organizations with the highest data security & compliance requirements and offer a 100% GDPR and eIDAS* compliant solution.

*eIDAS regulates the handling and design of electronic signature processes throughout the EU.

"However, as soon as the processes are directed towards authorities, partners and customers, the qualified signature is used. With the solution from sproof sign, we can handle conventional processes faster and in a much less complicated way." Daniel Nobis, Head of IT at PMU.

"After 12 weeks, the digital signature has paid off for us."

Ingrid Putzhammer, Vice President Global HR, Sony DADC

Only the qualified digital signature is 100% equivalent to the handwritten signature. Activating your own qualified signature takes 10 minutes once and is guided. Even more intelligent features further simplify your signature workflow.

Unfortunately, no! Rely on Europe.

US solutions for digital signatures can never guarantee the secure storage of sensitive data. We make it easier for you to confidently compare yourself with the (US) competition.

Ready to use immediately. No installation required.

sproof sign is a 100% GDPR web application. The cloud can be integrated into your IT landscape in no time at all. We are known for our high flexibility and the best support.

Start now
Simple API interface & user management.

Control and schedule your signature processes and manage your team independently. The simple API enables easy integration into the existing IT infrastructure.

API documentation
Sign in a familiar environment thanks to integration.

sproof sign is integrated into the most important tools and thus enables lean signature workflows and approval processes.

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Why sproof sign?Highest security and compliance paired with an "all-in-one" functionality make sproof sign the top European alternative on the e-signature platform market. 100% developed and hosted in Europe.
sproof sign is the highest-rated provider in the e-signature category on the independent evaluation platform OMR Reviews for Q3 and Q4 2023, as well as Q1 2024.