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The ideal e-signature for universities

100% legally valid sign

100% GDPR compliant web solution

Measurable acceleration of all release processes

Highest e-signature standard - Made in Europe

Ready to go, no setup or installation required

Maximum speed and efficiency

Integrated into your IT infrastructure in a flash, all interaction with students and internal administration is measurably accelerated.

Maximum safety & conformity

sproof sign fully complies with the high European guidelines (eIDAS regulation) for electronic signing.

Guaranteed data protection

All services are hosted within the EU and without the involvement of third countries (no US involvement). The highest level of data protection is not an add-on for us.

These top educational institutions with the highest standards of safety & compliance asked themselves the same questions and chose sproof sign.

The all-in-one e-signature.Made in Europe for Europe.

Easiest start without setup

Ready for immediate use without an IT project.

Sign from anywhere with your laptop or smartphone.

Save measurable time from the first signature.

Sign documents in seconds

Sign and file documents with just a few clicks.

Legally sign countless documents at the same time.

All important contracts secured & managed in one place.

The best all-in-one signature workflow

Obtain signatures in a flash and check signature progress

Define signature positions, sequences and roles

Save time thanks to template and form function

Tailor-made for Europe

Advanced or qualified signing (highest signature standards)

Obtain legally valid signatures without limits thanks to eID interface

Validate signatures directly in the platform

100% legally valid & GDPR-compliant

All servers hosted in the EU. Guaranteed without third country reference

eIDAS and FDA certified

Download your own test report for each document

Convince through individualization & branding

Uniform design for signatures for the entire team

Placement of the company logo in your signature

Customizable signature profiles and company certificates

Why do universities & educational institutions benefit from the digitized signature process?

Universities and educational institutions are required to reduce bureaucracy both in internal administration and at the interfaces with students. Especially in the higher education sector, the often fragmented and complex organizational and administrative structures require lean document and signature processes.

sproof sign is ideally suited for use in administration, research and teaching and is able to make everyday university life easier through a digitized signature process. The use cases are diverse:

  • Enrollment
  • Certificates & notifications
  • Internal administrative contracts
  • Documentation of legal transactions
  • Tender documents & purchasing contracts

In addition to the measurable acceleration of contract processes, our quality standards are above all maximum security, data and identity protection. As a 100% European provider, we have focused on organizations with the highest demands on data security & compliance and offer a 100% GDPR and eIDAS* compliant solution.

With sproof sign you digitize your entire signature processes: This means

  1. increased process speed
    1. less paper, printing and logistics
    1. simplified collaboration with internal and students.

*The eIDAS Regulation regulates the handling and design of electronic signature processes throughout the EU.

Find out more about introducing the e-signature at your university.

Philipp Gernerth, Head of Product & Marketing at sproof, and our partner Daniel Nobis, Head of IT at the renowned Paracelsus Medical University (PMU), will show you in an entertaining online session how you can significantly speed up your processes thanks to the introduction of an e-signature solution.

Managing an educational institution involves a mountain of paperwork, doesn't it?

Discover the potential of electronic signatures in higher education with our latest whitepaper.

Find out more:
◾️ Why now is the time to introduce digital signatures
◾️ The added value of digital signatures
◾️ Real-life use cases
◾️ Case study with a renowned private university in Salzburg
◾️ Security and compliance of digital signatures

Make life easier for faculty, staff and students. Modernize your institution - now!

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"However, as soon as the processes are directed towards authorities, partners and customers, the qualified signature is used. With the solution from sproof sign, we can handle conventional processes faster and in a much less complicated way."

Daniel Nobis, Head of IT at the PMU

Rely on European tools. Digitize sustainably.

US solutions for digital signatures can never guarantee the secure storage of sensitive data. We make it easier for you to confidently compare yourself with the (US) competition.

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Why sproof sign?Highest security and compliance paired with an "all-in-one" functionality make sproof sign the top European alternative on the e-signature platform market. 100% developed and hosted in Europe.
sproof sign is the highest-rated provider in the e-signature category on the independent evaluation platform OMR Reviews for Q3 and Q4 2023, as well as Q1 2024.