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The digital signature. Reinvented for Europe.

A signature is something binding from person to person. However, issuing and especially collecting signatures presents us with challenges. We solve all problems with Europe's smartest all-in-one solution for secure and compliant signing.

Digital signing. Adapted to your processes.


Get started with your first digital signature for freeFreeIn the first step, you can test our platform free of charge and sign advanced. This means that your signature is additionally verified via your mail address.


Upgrade and get first signatures yourselfUserYou want to use our platform for business. With the first business account, you can obtain initial signatures and keep track of your signature processes and documents.


Activate the qualified signature and rely on full complianceUser+Only the qualified digital signature is 100% equivalent to the handwritten signature. Activating your own qualified signature takes 10 minutes once and is guided. Even more intelligent features simplify the workflow even further.


Get off to a future-oriented start with the All-In-One solutionEnterpriseOur platform is integrated into your IT landscape in a maximum of 2 hours and saves you measurable time, costs and paper from this point on. Full compliance and legal validity are the basis with us. The smartest workflow, the simplest process and the strongest features our unique selling proposition.
You can start immediately free of charge.

Public institutions trust our Platform to make important decisions.

In German-speaking countries, many recognised state and public enterprises have already opted for sproof. The federal accounting agency is mainly responsible for the accounting of Austrian federal ministries and has successfully introduced the digital signature in the company.
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