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Stay in your environment with the help of addons

Sign directly in your familiar tools with sproof add-ons and integrations, digitising one of your most critical operational workflows - internal signing and systematic collection of external signatures.

Sign digitally - save enormous resources!
Integrated with your most important tools
Integrated with your most important tools
No installation and no setup necessary
Book a video call (approx. 20 min)

Add-ons and integrations

Use Google Drive as your central data repository and sign all documents on the spot with sproof integration or send documents out for signature with a click.

Microsoft Teams has established itself as an outstanding communication tool in recent years. Sign your documents live in your meetings.

The proven standard: Microsoft Word. Create a document and send it directly out for signature. All documents are automatically exported as a pdf. file.

ADVOKAT is the tool of choice for lawyers when it comes to structured service recording and file management. With sproof sign, all signature processes can be controlled directly in ADVOKAT.

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DATEV is one of the leading software providers for tax advisors and auditors and is available for the Austrian market as a DigiSign integration.

In a very short time, Zapier has established itself as a global player for automated web workflows. Daily routine processes are automated across all applications. sproof sign is available as an integration for legally valid signing.

Do you lack that "certain extra"?

We allow ourselves to claim that we are the most flexible: if your signature process depends on a specific application or requirement, we look forward to hearing from you. We know from experience: We can help.

Integrate the digital signature into your own tool

Different digital platforms, different use cases, different industries. If you are a digital solution provider of any kind, you should think about extending the customer value many times over with the digital signature.

Why sproof sign?Highest security and compliance paired with an "all-in-one" functionality make sproof sign the top European alternative on the e-signature platform market. 100% developed and hosted in Europe.
sproof sign is the highest-rated provider in the e-signature category on the independent evaluation platform OMR Reviews for Q3 and Q4 2023, as well as Q1 2024.