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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Find answers to common questions about sproof, digital signatures and business digital signature compliance here.

Accounts & Settings

Can I do my own branding in sproof sign?

Can I sign in different functions and still use the same account?

What are email addresses associated with my profile?

Add-Ons & Integrations

How long does it take to integrate sproof into existing workflows via API?

Is there any support for the integration?

What are the requirements for the integration of a signature platform?

Digital signing

What are the requirements for the integration of a signature platform?

Is a signed document also valid when printed out?

Why to sign digital instead of analogue?

Can I freely design my signature?

What are the advantages of using sproof for digital signatures?

What is a digital signature?

Why is it safer, faster and cheaper to sign a document with sproof sign than in the traditional way?

When will the introduction of digital signatures start paying off?

What is the benefit of saving 500 sheets of paper?

For which industries is sproof sign suitable?

Collecting signatures

Can I set an order in which the signatures are obtained?

Do recipients of my documents have to pay for the signature?

How many people can I invite to sign a document?

Can I define the signature field where my contact must sign?

What is an "invitation"?

Can I reverse a mistakenly sent document?

Can an already defined placeholder for a signature be moved by other signers?

Why should I collect external signatures digitally?

How can I invite people to sign?

What resources do I save when collecting external signatures digitally?