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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Find answers to common questions about sproof, digital signatures and business digital signature compliance here.

Accounts & Settings

What are email addresses associated with my profile?

I do not receive emails from sproof?

Can a company branding incl. company stamp and certificate be integrated in sproof sign?

Can I sign in different functions and still use the same account?

Add-Ons & Integrations

What are the requirements for the integration of a signature platform?

How long does it take to integrate sproof into existing workflows via API?

Is there any support for the integration?

Collecting signatures

Can I undo a document sent in error?

How can I invite people to sign?

Do externals have to pay for signature or be sproof sign user:in?

It seems my invitations to sign are not being delivered?

Can I define the signature field where my contact must sign?

How many people can I invite to sign a document?

What is an "invitation"?

Why should I collect external signatures digitally?

What resources do I save when collecting external signatures digitally?

Can I set an order in which the signatures are obtained?

Can an already defined placeholder for a signature be moved by other signers?

Digital signing

Why to sign digital instead of analogue?

When will the introduction of digital signatures start paying off?

How does signing with sproof sign work?

What is the benefit of saving 500 sheets of paper?

Can I freely design my signature?

What are the advantages of using sproof for digital signatures?

"How does getting started with sproof sign work from single user to large enterprise?

What are the signature standards?

What are the requirements for the integration of a signature platform?

"After all, I already have the signature on my phone." What does sproof sign help me with?

Why is it safer, faster and cheaper to sign a document with sproof sign than in the traditional way?

Why does my team benefit from digital signatures?

Does the use of sproof sign have an impact on the climate?

Is a signed document also valid when printed out?

For which industries & use cases is sproof sign suitable?

How long does it take until I can sign with the qualified signature for the first time?

How can you imagine a digital signature process?

What is a digital signature?


"I already have the signature on my phone." Why is the digital signature alone not enough? Why use a signature tool?

Can a team & signature quota be managed independently with sproof sign?

Can you sign in a team?

Legal validity

Which legal, security and compliance regulations does sproof sign meet?

Are signatures created with sproof legally valid?

Why is my signature verification with RTR invalid?

Is the digital signature 100% legally valid?

Which e-signature standards does sproof sign offer for your company?

How can I be sure that the (qualified) digital signature is valid?

Manage documents

What happens if I send a document but forget to log in - can I move the document to my account?

Can anyone manage their documents in sproof?

Do I need to download my documents to my computer after signing?

What happens when I delete a document - is it then also deleted from the recipients?


Where is there a writing requirement everywhere (especially in DE & AT) for QES?

What if someone is supposed to countersign qualified but does not have anything to sign qualified? How does the person get validation?

How does Swisscom identification work?

Plans & Billing

When do I need an enterprise plan?

What happens when my Business-Plan expires?

Is the annual subscription to sproof sign automatically renewed?

Can I test sproof sign with my company for free?

Can I use sproof sign privately & for free?

Qualified signing

Can I also obtain a qualified signature directly in sproof sign?

When do you need a qualified electronic signature (QES)?

How does the identification for a qualified signature with the Estonia ID work?

Do you need help with the first-time QES identification with the Mobile ID app?

Are signatures created with SPID legally valid?

How to sign with yes in sproof sign?

What do I need to be qualified to sign?

What is the difference between an advanced and a qualified digital signature?

How does the identification for a qualified signature work with yes

How to sign with SPID in sproof sign?

Security & Conformity

Are my sensitive documents secure?

What are the benefits of a secure cloud solution?

How is IT security ensured? (Are there also documents/certifications for this?)

Is sproof sign GDPR compliant?

What is being encrypted?

Where are the sproof sign servers located?

What do we look for in cloud providers?

What are the requirements for a secure cloud?

Where is my data stored?

How long will my data be stored or can I set this myself?

Does sproof sign have access to the document content?

Are the documents modifiable after signing?

Does the service run on our own cloud or another?

How can digitally signed documents be verified?

How is the reference to the person established with an advanced signature?

Are regular penetration tests carried out with sproof sign?

Why should companies rely on European tools?

Signing yourself

Can I make changes to the document after signing?

Do I have to register to use sproof sign?

I have signed at the wrong position. Can I undo it?

Can I sign or initial a document more than once?

Can I use or create form fields?

Can I also use sproof sign privately?

What do I need to use sproof sign?

Can I sign multiple documents at once?

Can I use my own certificate for signing?

Can I refuse a signature?

Trust Service Provider

How do I get a digital signature?

How does the identification for a qualified signature with Evrotrust work?

What digital signature providers are there in Germany?

How does the one-time identification for a qualified digital signature in sproof sign work?

How does the identification for the Primesign signature work?

Are signatures created with Primesign legally valid?

How to Restore Mobile ID?

Can signature recipients also choose other signature providers?

Are signatures created with Evrotrust legally valid?

How do I get a legally valid, qualified digital signature?

How to sign with Primesign in sproof sign?

How to sign with the Evrotrust in sproof sign?

How long is the identification for a qualified digital signature valid?

What digital signature providers are there in Austria?

Are signatures created with D-Trust legally valid?

How does the identification for a qualified signature at D-Trust work?

Can I also get a qualified signature via sproof sign?

What happens if I have a new cell phone or phone number?

How to sign with the D-Trust in sproof sign?

Why sproof sign?Highest security and compliance paired with an "all-in-one" functionality make sproof sign the top European alternative on the e-signature platform market. 100% developed and hosted in Europe.
sproof sign is the highest-rated provider in the e-signature category on the independent evaluation platform OMR Reviews for Q3 and Q4 2023, as well as Q1 2024.