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State-of-the-art security and data protection: PMU relies on sproof sign

Vanessa Frühbeiss
Updated on 21.11.2023

Founded in Salzburg in 2002, Paracelsus Medical University (PMU) is a privately funded medical university that offers a combination of human medicine, nursing science and pharmacy that is unique in Europe and stands for strong research performance and multi-professional education and training with the highest professional standards. A second PMU location was founded in Nuremberg in 2014 in cooperation with Nuremberg Hospital. The aim of the PMU is to train and further educate outstanding doctors*, nursing scientists*and pharmacists who are characterized by a high level of competence and social responsibility in practice and who are able to provide special services in research and teaching.


Company name: Paracelsus Medical University (PMU)

Brief description of the project:
"The PMU originally chose sproof as a digital signature solution to make its certificates forgery-proof. Today, sproof sign is in daily use. The decision was based on sproof's long-standing partnership and reliable service."

Why sproof sign:
"sproof sign offers us the opportunity to have a partner at our side who is tangible and approachable. We are not left alone with our problems or suggestions, but have great support. In terms of functionality, we see the solution as being on a par with other providers on the market. "

Daniel Nobis, IT Manager

How did the decision to introduce the digital signature come about?

Nobis: "PMU is a first-time customer of sproof sign. The initial contact with sproof sign came about when we were looking for a solution to make our certificates forgery-proof. This was a function that sproof offered right from the start and we subsequently decided to use sproof sign. Today we use it on a daily basis and we are very happy with the tool."

How important is the digital transformation for the PMU?

Nobis: "Covid brought the topic of digitalization to the forefront. Many areas and processes had to be digitalized in a very short space of time. In terms of teaching, for example, we had to provide 'hybrid' as well as purely 'online courses' in a very short space of time. Paracelsus University stands for high-quality, science-based teaching and research. This naturally includes the topic of digitalization. We are constantly working to live up to this claim."

How was it signed before?

Nobis: "It was very traditional, as we know it from the big companies. There was a folder of signatures that was passed from one person to another - regardless of whether someone was absent or not. The time it took for a document to be signed by a committee, rectorate or board was therefore a time-consuming process. With sproof sign, we were able to improve this significantly and make it more efficient. But above all more secure!"

For which applications is the digital signature used?

Nobis: "We use both the advanced signature and the qualified signature. We use the advanced signature in-house for classic purchase orders, time bookings and cash expenses. In other words, internal documents, vacation requests and minutes. However, as soon as the processes are directed towards authorities, partners and customers, the qualified signature is used. With the solution from sproof sign, we can handle conventional processes faster and much more easily."

What security, compliance and data protection requirements does an institution like the PMU have?

Nobis: "As in all comparable institutions, our standards are high. We are subject to eIDAS and have to sign in compliance with the law. That's why it is immensely important and advantageous for us to have the speed and ability to map this in a coherent process. By that I mean getting away from the process of printing, signing and scanning again and replacing it with a new process quality."

"However, as soon as the processes are directed towards authorities, partners and customers, the qualified signature is used. With the solution from sproof sign, we can handle conventional processes faster and in a much less complicated way."

Daniel Nobis
IT Manager

What are your thoughts on the GDPR and our server location?

Nobis: "Both are also very important for us here. One prerequisite for choosing a cloud solution is clearly that it is GDPR-compliant and that all servers are located in Europe. sproof sign meets this requirement 100%, coupled with very good usability, which is why it has become our tool of choice. It not only provides us with security, but also perfectly combines advantages such as close support and fast implementation."

How did the cloud integration work?

Nobis: "The implementation in our system was really easy. The close cooperation with sproof sign's support team and the ready-made API interfaces contributed to this. That's why we also opted for a cloud solution. Feedback is implemented promptly and in the best possible way by sproof sign's customer support in an uncomplicated process. For us, the proximity and close cooperation is generally a decisive criterion when choosing our software provider."

The QES hub has been available at sproof sign since this year. How important is this interface for you?

Nobis: "When the topic of digital signatures came up, we initially faced the challenge that our colleagues were using a wide variety of providers. For example, they were using the Bürgercard, which is now the ID Austria. Other colleagues already had identification with other providers. sproof sign has made this extremely easy with the 'QES Hub'. No matter who signs with which ID from which location, sproof sign has integrated and summarized all the providers relevant to us in its software. And last but not least, features such as the integrated search function for providers have greatly improved usability for us thanks to sproof sign's solution."

Do you use signature workflows for your use case?

Nobis: "In terms of workflow, we have seen new features and functions being released step by step with sproof sign. For example, the ability to predefine signature positions, leave a comment for a colleague directly in the document using the chat function or create an electronic folder. This allows us to streamline and simplify processes, which has been particularly well received by our legal department."

sproof sign is the highest-rated provider in the e-signature category on the independent evaluation platform OMR Reviews for Q3 and Q4 2023, as well as Q1 2024.