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Qualified & legally sign throughout Europe.

Our eID hub: We have integrated providers for qualified electronic signatures (QES) across Europe. This is a huge advantage when obtaining and issuing legally valid signatures.

Interoperable qualified signing in Europe

Obtaining signatures digitally across countries can be time-consuming and tedious. For example, if you have to sign a document for one person from Estonia in a qualified manner and then later for another person from Germany, it may be necessary to obtain new identification each time. Although this process is not complicated, in practice it can be time consuming and unnecessary if done repeatedly.

sproof offers a solution to this and allows existing identifications to be used directly. Thus, when a document is signed with sproof, there is no need to go through a new identification process, but existing identifications, such as ID Austria, can be used directly.

The most frequently asked questions about the eID Hub

What is the eID Hub?

Why does the eID Hub save resources?

Why qualified electronic signing?

How does in-house identification (RAA) work in your company?

When do you need a qualified electronic signature (QES)?

Can I also obtain a qualified signature directly in sproof sign?

Limitless digital signing according to the highest signature standard

We are continuously updating the eID Hub with expanded coverage and new authentication methods to support your business.

Swisscom Trust Services

Swiss provider of electronic signature & online identity solutions, eIDAS and ZertES compliant.

D-Trust (sign-me)

D-Trust GmbH, based in Berlin, is a company of the Bundesdruckerei Group and a certified trust service provider. The company offers products in accordance with the eIDAS standard.

ID Austria (Handy-Signatur)

ID Austria will replace the cell phone signature in Austria as electronic proof of identity. It makes it possible to prove your identity digitally using the "Digitales Amt" app.


Evrotrust is a certified Bulgarian trust service provider offering identity verification and e-signatures.


yes® is an open banking ecosystem from Germany that can also be used to create advanced and qualified electronic signatures.


SPID is Italy's public digital identity system (Sistema Pubblico di Identità Digitale, SPID).

Finnische eID (FINeID)

In Finland, qualified certificates for electronic signatures are provided by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency (DVV).

Estnische ID-card (EstEID)

The Estonia ID is a national identification number used in Estonia. It is used to uniquely identify people and is therefore an important basis for many transactions.

Belgische eID (.beID)

The Belgian eID (.beID) is an electronic identity card that is issued to all Belgians aged 12 and over.

Kroatische eIDCard (eOI)

Croatian citizens can use their eID for all electronic services of the e-Citizen system as well as for all other electronic services in Croatia, regardless of the service provider.

Lettische eID (eParaksts)

The Latvian eParaksts serves as a personal signature for electronic documents as well as your digital proof of identity. Documents signed with eParaksts are 100% legally valid.

Autenticaçã Bürgerkarte

The Autenticaçã citizen card can be used to identify and authenticate citizens in Portugal and can be used for digital signing.


The Smart ID is currently used in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. It can be used to log in to electronic services, for online banking and for signing documents.


Mobile ID is an electronic identity document that is fully supported by the government in Estonia and is gaining popularity in Lithuania.


Uanataca is an international trust service provider that develops digitization solutions with maximum legal security.


CertEurope is the leading certification body in France and the Trusted Third Party of the InfoCert Group for France.


SimplySign is a modern tool for signing and validating any electronic documents. It is the first of its kind on the Polish market and guarantees 100% mobility.


certSIGN is the leading Romanian provider of trust services and a pioneer on the Romanian market in the introduction of paperless technologies in business processes.

Paperless webSIGN (by certSIGN)

Paperless webSIGN is a web application that allows you to upload, remotely sign and download multiple documents.

Online-Ausweisfunktion (Deutscher Personalausweis)

sproof sign makes it possible to digitally and legally sign PDF documents with the online ID function of the German ID card.


primeSIGN is a leading manufacturer and provider of signature products, services and solutions. Thousands of certificates are issued here every day and millions of signature transactions are processed.

Everything you should know about the qualified electronic signature

What is a qualified electronic signature (QES)?

In today's digital world, it is important to ensure the authenticity and integrity of electronic documents. One way to achieve this is to use a qualified electronic signature (QES).

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How do I obtain a qualified electronic signature (QES)?

To obtain a qualified electronic signature (QES), you have to identify yourself once and set up 2-factor authentication. For qualified signing, one then only has to authenticate.

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How does the qualified digital signature work?

The ability of digital signatures to ensure the integrity and authenticity of electronic documents while indicating the signer's consent enables people to interact online and share information securely.

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Our QES interface explained in 2 min

Learn how integrated signature providers can help you accelerate your signature workflows across borders.

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sproof sign is the highest-rated provider in the e-signature category on the independent evaluation platform OMR Reviews for Q3 and Q4 2023, as well as Q1 2024.