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Your safest way to the most important decisions

Get started now with Europe's most innovative all-in-one digital signature solution. Sign important documents with just a few clicks - get countless signatures within minutes.

100% legally binding

100% GDPR-compliant

No registration and no credit card needed.

It's time!
Sign digital, simplify much.

Just sign - without waiting.
Save time, nerves and a lot of paper. Sign documents at the click of a mouse - in real time. Sign yourself or together with colleagues or customers.
Guaranteed GDPR-compliant and legally valid.
sproof sign is eIDAS compliant and meets the requirements for legally binding digital signatures. All data is stored within the EU (no US reference). In addition, the qualified digital signature is legally equivalent to the handwritten signature and is therefore legally valid.Learn more
Your documents clearly & safely stored.
Keep track of your most important documents. With the intelligent dashboard you always have the signature status of each document in view
Signieren is a team thing.
Sign important documents together. Within your team, across the entire organisation. Or obtain legally valid digital signatures from all conceivable external parties faster than ever before.For companies
Automate signature processes cleverly.
Control and schedule your signature processes and manage your team independently. The simple API enables easy integration into the existing IT infrastructure. The platform is integrated in just a few hours, without the need for a complex IT project.API - documentation
Your qualified signature in 5 minutes.
Identify yourself very easily via Video-Ident and get started with your first qualified digital signature, which replaces the written form 100% and guarantees the highest evidential value and conformity

The digital signature is making its way into law firms in Austria.

People trust lawyers. Lawyers now rely more and more on digital methods to facilitate work processes - including digital signatures. At the same time, the highest demands are placed on security and conformity. Beitrag lesen

Top European companies
trust us.

Clever digitalisation is our competence

85% of corporate decision-makers cite complex integration in IT projects as the biggest obstacle in digitalisation projects. Subscribe to our newsletter now and learn how companies in your industry have been able to integrate digital signatures very easily and successfully.
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We are here for you. The best support for an important decision

Digital signing saves your company and your business environment important resources. We have made it our top priority to make the integration of digital signatures simple & optimal. Our sales team is looking forward to meeting you!

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