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Team Axess chooses digital signature solution from sproof sign

Philipp Gernerth
Updated on 30.05.2023

Secure, customized and future-oriented - these are the guarantees for the smart solutions from Axess, which has already stood for the quality of its systems for over two decades. From innovative software solutions to modern access systems, Axess is the all-round, full-service partner when it comes to access for visitors and guests in sports, leisure, culture and transport. And the best thing about it: with Axess, everything comes from a single source. From access tickets from our own production, individual access systems or the appropriate software for all requirements as well as CRM data. With its more than 21 branches and around 460 employees worldwide, Axess is characterized by the highest quality and user-friendliness, and best of all, its more than 10,000 installations in use in 53 countries are all "Made in Austria".


Company Name: AXESS AG

Short description of the project: Team Axess had been using mobile signatures before, but sproof sign provided us with the perfect complement to take advantage of the full potential of the digital signature.

Why sproof sign: "sproof strikes us as a very dynamic, agile company. There is a particular focus on being responsive to customer needs."

Lars Wolf, CFO

How did the decision to introduce the digital signature come about?

Wolf: "Basically, we had already used the digital signature in the management before. With sproof sign, however, we were additionally offered a platform in which everything can be integrated, as well as processes can be replicated and managed.

The eSignature has actually always proven to be quite practical, especially when something had to be signed quickly. The sproof software is of course also super for public authorities and especially for tenders, where this type of signature is now a prerequisite.

Even in management, colleagues are often on the road and not in the office. This is where the eSignature proves its worth. It is also quite a relief for the sales department, which works across country and company borders, since you can not only sign several documents at once with just a few clicks, but also easily 'switch' between different profiles and signature forms."

What criteria were decisive for you in your search for the right e-signature provider?

Wolf: "Actually, we had not dealt with the topic before, we had already used the electronic signature with the A-Trust. When sproof then approached us, I particularly liked the idea that it is a domestic company and you thus have a proximity to the company itself. Data protection was of course also a decisive point, as was the price-performance ratio."

For which use cases is the digital signature used?

Wolf: "In the management you use it intensively, and then of course the internal employees. HR is a big topic with us,, the ladies there use it very strongly. We also use it for all kinds of approvals, for example, when employees want to make orders or need a travel expense release. The colleague:in then has everything digitally and can call up what he needs, which is very practical. But the qualified signature is also essential for collaboration and interaction with our banks. There, the signature standard is always checked very carefully.

How did the cloud integration work?

Wolf: "I would say the integration actually went frictionless!"

"With sproof sign, we were offered [...] a platform in which everything can be integrated, as well as processes can be replicated and managed. "

Lars Wolf

What about your standards regarding data security & compliance, so where have you set the focus for you as a software company?

Wolf: "Data protection is something we attach great importance to, since we ourselves are a data processor for our customers. For this purpose, we also have a data protection officer who meticulously checks all digital solutions to be introduced from the legal side and gives a very experienced assessment."

You've already talked about your decision to use sproof sign, is there anything else that makes your experience with sproof special?

Wolf: "sproof strikes us as a very dynamic, agile company. There is a special focus on responding to customer needs. One has a very good support, can address the people directly and always gets a quick answer. What's also great, of course, is the ongoing further development of the platform and the constant development and embedding of additional features."

sproof sign is the highest-rated provider in the e-signature category on the independent evaluation platform OMR Reviews for Q3 and Q4 2023, as well as Q1 2024.