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"sproof sign convinced us". LeasePlan integrates sproof sign for major project.

Philipp Gernerth
Updated on 14.04.2023

LeasePlan is a global company specializing in providing auto leasing and fleet management solutions. LeasePlan manages a fleet of over 1.9 million vehicles and offers companies of all sizes a comprehensive service for their commercial vehicles. When choosing the right provider for the digitization of signature processes, sproof sign was chosen for a specific use case.


Company name: LeasePlan

Short description of the project:"A special case has prompted to integrate a digital signature platform for the interaction between some of our major customers."

Why sproof sign:"One of the advantages of sproof sign is the very easy handling of large volumes of documents to be signed (document upload u batch signature)."

Roland Woerle, External IT Project Manager

How did the decision to introduce the digital signature come about?

Woerle: "We were already using a signature platform for eSignatures and were basically satisfied with it. For a necessary contract issuance of approx. 4,000 contracts for 1,500 B2B customers, we had to find a new solution so that we could fill the contracts fully electronically, send them and forward them to our customers in signature circulation.

Our task was to find a provider that could handle these volumes technically, enable the technical standard of qualified signatures, and be flexible to our detailed requirements.

We approached several providers with these requirements, but found the best solution in sproof sign."

Why was the project based exclusively on the qualified signature? What criteria were decisive for you when searching for the right e-signature provider?

Woerle: "Some of our customers or suppliers wanted to sign the contracts only via qualified electronic signature, for others an advanced signature was also sufficient. For this reason, we had to react flexibly to the requirements."

You talk about "complex signature runs". How do you describe the use case of sproof sign?

Woerle: "At LeasePlan, we maintain a service-oriented approach to our customers and, wherever possible, always respond flexibly to different customer needs. This was also the case when it came to obtaining signatures for the contract documents. The aim was for us to pre-fill the approx. 4,000 contracts with all the contract data and prepare them for the authorized signatories in such a way that they could just be checked, simply signed and returned without much effort."

So the stack signature was used very intensively?

Woerle: "Batch signature was mainly used by our suppliers who had to countersign customer contracts. They appreciated being able to countersign all the contracts they had received up to that point with a qualified signature just once a week. We tested this feature intensively in advance, and as long as the data volumes of the individual documents were not too large, this process worked smoothly."

"One of the advantages of sproof sign is the very easy handling of large volumes of documents to be signed (document upload and batch signature)"

Roland Woerle
IT Project Manager

What was the feedback on the customer side - was the digital signature accepted?

Woerle: "Our customer base ranges from SMEs and mid-sized companies to the largest national and international corporations. However, the acceptance of digital signatures varied widely. While some companies were intrigued by the frictionless process of paperless signatures, there were other companies that either didn't want to sign contracts digitally or whose internal policies didn't allow it. In these cases, customers were able to download the contracts as PDFs, sign them manually, and then use Sproof again to countersign them.

Here I see some catching up to do for Austria and hope that companies like Sproof with a homegrown solution will create the necessary trust and enable our companies with a secure, trustworthy and fully digitized solution, many process efficiencies, time, and cost savings."

What standards regarding data security & compliance must a software solution meet in your company?

Woerle: "Of course, it was important that the signature solution met all data protection requirements. As a cloud solution, we also didn't have to worry about hosting the documents."

What do you like most about sproof sign?

Woerle: "In addition to the technical features, the fast reaction and implementation of our requirements and the good cooperation with the sproof team were decisive for us. sproof was very dynamic and professional in the handling, which we really appreciated about the project. In the end, everything went very smoothly and we were very satisfied. "

sproof sign is the highest-rated provider in the e-signature category on the independent evaluation platform OMR Reviews for Q3 and Q4 2023, as well as Q1 2024.