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The digital signature in the legal sector

The legal & tax industry is becoming increasingly digitalized. An all-in-one signature solution enables approvals to be processed in seconds with maximum security & compliance.

Top companies with the highest standards of security and compliance rely on sproof sign.

Maximum simplicity and efficiency

Our signature solution can be integrated into any office in a flash. Thanks to the simplest interface, no training is required for your secretariat, external staff or clients.

Signatures with the highest legal protection

You sign in a 100% legally binding manner in accordance with national and international regulations. Qualified electronic signatures are legally equivalent to handwritten signatures.

Highest possible data protection

All services are hosted within the EU and without the involvement of third countries (no US involvement). The handling of sensitive data meets the highest standards .

Binder Grösswang has chosen sproof sign!
Highest signature standard
Simplest usability
No installation and no setup necessary
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"The cloud is up and running from day one. It's all serviced by sproof, complies with European data protection and is therefore ideal for us lawyers as well."

Dr. Christian Zwick
Binder Grösswang

Sign digitally with immediate effect. Increase the efficiency of your law firm.

The digital signature is here to stay. We are convinced that digitally signing documents will soon be as normal as writing emails.

The most secure & easiest e-signature for Europe.
Sign 100% legally valid according to the highest standard.
Rely on uncompromising data protection. Our specialty.
Benefit from the most flexible cloud. Your team is ready to go right away.
Digitize all your signature processes.
Sign yourself or get multiple signatures.
Sign countless documents at once with the batch signature.
Your most important documents encrypted & secured in one place.
For efficient releases internally as well as with your clients
Define signature sequences and signature workflows
Sign and manage budgets, personnel contracts, and more.
Benefit from the simple interface and many integrations
The most secure & easiest e-signature for Europe.
You can check the signature status digitally forever.
Go for compromised privacy & legal validity.
Benefit from the most flexible cloud. Your team is ready to go right away.

See for yourself, in the shortest possible time.

You don't want the "cat in the bag"? Start now for free and sign your first contracts yourself. With Europe's most innovative all-in-one solution for digital signature processes...

Others talk. We do the math. Learn about the advantages of the signature in numbers.

We know how to honestly assess the potential of the digital signature depending on the use cases and the corporate culture in your law firm.

sproof sign is the highest-rated provider in the e-signature category on the independent evaluation platform OMR Reviews for Q3 and Q4 2023, as well as Q1 2024.