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The Dashboard - The Document View

In this tutorial, we want to show you how you can use sproof sign's intelligent document management to control your signature processes very easily and keep track of progress.
Philipp Gernerth
Updated on 26.04.2023

Step by step

Clicking on the logo and then on "Documents" on the left will take you to your document view or dashboard very quickly, at any time and from anywhere.

Basically, the so-called dashboard is the place where all documents that you send out or that are sent to you are collected.

  1. In the Search bar, you can directly enter a search term and search for your documents.
  2. By clicking on the filter icon, the most important filters are displayed and you can narrow the search.
  3. With click on "More filters", you can see all other filters.
  4. You can also filter by labels, which you can assign to each document individually.
  5. To find documents, there is the possibility to sort them by name or date of creation.

But how to read the list of documents?

Quite simple!

  1. On the very left you will see a thumbnail view of the document(s). The small black dot with white arrow in the bottom corner of the document means "Inbox", you have received a document to sign, or "Outbox", you have sent out a document to sign.

  2. Under the name of the document, you can see by whom the document was uploaded or sent out. The small icon next to the document name marks that the document is on the stack ready for signature. We have prepared a separate tutorial for the batch signature.

  3. To the right of the date created, you can see the document status. Hovering your mouse over the icon will tell you the exact meaning of each status. For example, if you upload a document, and leave edit mode right away, the document will end up as a draft in the dashboard.

  4. To the right of the status, at the Progress, you can see with which people the document has been shared and whether these people have already performed a required action. Using the mouse, you can again view the complete progress info.

  5. Clicking on the eye opens the document preview.

  1. If you want to download the document including the attached signatures, click on the arrow next to the eye.
  1. To add a document quickly to the stack, click this stack icon with a plus. This icon is only visible if you have been invited to sign and a placeholder has been set.
  2. To remove a document from the stack without switching to the signature stack view, click on the stack icon with a minus.

For all further actions click on the three dots. In addition to some standard actions, some of which have already been explained, you also have access to some advanced functions from here.

  1. You can save documents as template,
  2. change the status,
  3. add labels, or
  4. download a audit trail.

For these functions, we have again provided our own videos.

We hope you enjoy the ease of obtaining signatures with sproof sign.

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