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"sproof 2.0" is ready for you now

From now on you can use sproof in the new design! Including the interface for borderless signing throughout Europe.

Philipp Gernerth
Updated on 29.11.2022

At sproof, we have three key quality criteria that represent our ideals in the continuous development and improvement of the platform.

  • Simplicity
  • Security
  • Legal validity

True to our motto "standing still is going backwards", we have been working intensively over the last few months on a complete overhaul of sproof's user interface and are now starting the early adopter phase. This means that you can activate the new interface with a mouse click, but for the time being you can return to the familiar interface at any time.

The reason for the improvements is the already announced interface for qualified signing. This interface has started a big ball rolling! We will significantly improve other areas of the platform in the coming months and release many new and existing features in the new design.

You can look forward to exciting changes.

1) New interface for qualified signing across Europe.

You yourself or those you invite to sign have a choice of QES providers embedded directly in sproof for the signature. This new feature facilitates or enables borderless signing in Europe and has already caused a stir in the media.

2) Signature editor in new design incl. improved usablity

Since the new QES interface affects the entire signature editor, the corresponding user flow has also been fundamentally revised and improved..

3) Dashboard in new design incl. improved usability

The "control centre" of sproof is the dashboard. The place where you have an overview of all important documents and your signature processes. The dashboard can now be found under "Documents" in the newly created navigation on the left-hand side.

We appreciate your feedback.

We welcome every statement and positive feedback. Please send suggestions & feedback to

For questions regarding the commercial use of the newly created interface for borderless signing, please contact