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10 advantages of an e-SaaS cloud solution

Martin Klappacher
Updated on 08.03.2023

Admittedly, we invented the term e-SaaS – Electronic Signing as a Service. But it accurately describes the approach of a modern digital signing application in the form of a cloud solution. In-house server solutions are no longer sustainable. And why is that? Because the cloud is secure, fast, simple and cost-effective.

e-SaaS - Electronic Signing as a Service

sproof sign
Europe's most innovative all-in-one solution for digital signing

For its own infrastructure, sproof sign relies on the leading European provider Scaleway, which ensures the security of the hosted data with a comprehensive catalog of measures . All of Scaleway's data centers are certified according to various norms and standards (e.g. HDS certification, ISO 27001, ISO 50001:2018, GDPR, Tier 3 Uptime Institute: 2014, SWIPO) and undergo regular audits.

Even public companies with the highest standards of security and compliance have already recognized the benefits for themselves. For example, the Federal Accounting Agency, which is mainly responsible for the accounting of Austrian federal ministries, has also decided to implement a cloud solution for digital contract processing with sproof sign .

We do not want to compromise on the data storage of sensitive documents. This data should be stored 100% in Europe. From our point of view, sproof sign meets these criteria by explicitly selecting data centers that are independent of US corporations.

Mag. DI (FH) Alexander Sellner
IT Manager, Federal Accounting Agency

Cloud-based – what does that mean?

Cloud computing enables the use and provision of hardware and software via the Internet. Through flexible and scalable on-demand services, users can access their applications and servers from any device without having the required data physically "at hand".

The term "cloud" refers to the idea that data or information exists in a virtual space and can be accessed from anywhere. Users only need to be connected to a network to use online applications or access data in an online database.

What does SaaS or Software as a Service mean?

In the SaaS (Software as a Service) model, users or companies are given access to pre-developed software to which they can subscribe, usually on a monthly or annual basis. The provider takes responsibility for maintaining and developing the software, but by doing so, companies relinquish some control over the management and customization of their applications. All data is stored and processed on the provider's servers, so users only need a stable Internet connection, a browser and modern end devices such as tablets, laptops or smartphones to access the software immediately and without installation.

e-SaaS is thus a sub-model specialized in electronic and digital signatures.

#1 Mobility - It can be used anywhere there is Internet

With an e-SaaS solution, you can sign your documents quickly and efficiently from anywhere there is Internet access. It doesn't matter if you use a laptop, smartphone, tablet or even a desktop computer for this purpose. This saves you valuable time for other tasks.

#2 Available around the clock 24/7

An e-SaaS solution is ready to use at any time. You can sign (qualified) or send invitations to sign around the clock. This ensures end-to-end processes and uninterrupted operation, which can speed up decisions and possibly even prevent revenue loss.

#3 Seamless integration with other applications

Many e-SaaS solutions offer seamless integration into other workflows via their own interfaces (APIs). This means that existing systems, such as an existing document management system (DMS) or any special solutions (see DATEV), can be easily extended to include qualified electronic signatures.

#4 Continuous improvements through automatic updates

Even e-SaaS solutions like sproof sign are constantly being developed further. Bug fixes and new functions that have been extensively tested beforehand are regularly provided in the background. This means that your IT staff does not have to manually download or install updates - and can even make specific function requests when new requirements arise.

This way, your company always benefits from the latest features without having to make additional investments.

#5 Highest data security

e-SaaS solutions process personal data in the corporate context as part of the signature process. Signers must be invited, verified if necessary, and the document to be signed must be presented to the signers. When qualified digital signatures are used, external trust service providers are added to the process and must also process some of this data. Therefore, providers like sproof sign protect your privacy through the following measures

a) 100% GDPR compliant

All requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation are met. The solution can therefore be used without hesitation, especially by companies within the European Union.

b) Data processing and data storage exclusively in the EU

All data is processed and stored exclusively on servers within the European Union. There is no data exchange with service providers outside the European Union.

c) Deletion concept (Privacy by Default)

The solution follows the principle of "Privacy by Default". The data is automatically deleted after 30 days. If the User:s do not want this, the automatic deletion can usually be deactivated.

d) Contractual data processing agreement

A contract for commissioned data processing - especially for corporate customers - summarizes all relevant points and ensures clarity and security.

#6 Scalability at will

Ideally, an e-SaaS solution will grow seamlessly with your business, your needs, and your team. For example, if you need more employees to sign with qualified electronic signatures, you can usually adjust the corresponding license(s) effortlessly.

#7 Relieve the burden on your own IT department

When you choose an e-SaaS solution, your company benefits from a complete package including maintenance and support. Your IT department is relieved and can concentrate on other important and strategic tasks in the company.

#8 Excellent user experience

Some (but unfortunately far from all) e-SaaS solutions are designed to be highly user-friendly and provide an excellent user experience. Users can usually get up and running quickly, easily and without much prior knowledge. This saves your company training costs and shortens the implementation time.

#9 Efficiency and cost reduction

e-SaaS providers like sproof sign are clearly responsible for managing, maintaining and troubleshooting their own service, so there's no need to add extra size to your IT team. What's more, there's no additional investment required to purchase and maintain technical equipment - you don't need to expand your hardware infrastructure and you're not responsible for maintaining the software.

#10 Improved Employee and Customer Experience

With a modern e-SaaS solution, you relieve your employees of a tedious and time-consuming (but extremely important) routine task. As a result, your team members can better focus on their core business, but your business partners and customers will also be delighted.

sproof sign is the highest-rated provider in the e-signature category on the independent evaluation platform OMR Reviews for Q3 and Q4 2023, as well as Q1 2024.