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We are pleased to welcome you here as an interested reader.
Learn more from the world of efficient everyday work, benefiting from meaningful digitalisation initiatives.

The digital signature is making its way into law firms in Austria.

People trust lawyers. Lawyers now rely more and more on digital methods to facilitate work processes - including digital signatures. At the same time, the highest demands are placed on security and conformity. Beitrag lesen

About Alice, video conferences and digital signatures.

What Alice, video conferencing during the pandemic and digital signatures have to do with more efficiency in everyday office life - an absolutely subjective experience report with the claim to be an inspiration for courage in digitalisation.Ready entry

The best of both worlds. Linde & sproof.

Linde Verlag - a specialist publisher of legal, business and tax literature since 1925 - is entering into a cooperation with sproof, the Salzburg-based expert in the field of digital signatures in Europe. In addition to the introduction of the technology throughout the publishing house within the next few weeks, the cooperation also consists of an investment in the company itself.Ready entry

Kyocera & sproof. A little digitisation fairy tale.

The leading document management provider and globally prominent corporation Kyocera relies on sproof for the integration of digital signatures.Ready entry

Good cooperation, great benefits!

MAPAG GmbH - a privately run, federally and state accredited testing and inspection body in the fields of building materials testing and environmental analysis - signs with sproof!Ready entry

Maschinenring Salzburg relies on the digital signature.

Maschinenring Salzburg is digitising its signature workflows with sproof sign in order to make internal processes even more efficient. Instead of printing out documents to sign and distributing and collecting them across several departments as well as office locations, this can now be done completely digitally.Ready entry

Digitalisation projects require a real will to change.

Change processes in SMEs are often a topic that people want to avoid. Yet it is essential for sustainable economic success to continue to develop through constant change. In doing so, it is important to maintain what has been successful and to implement new things. An important driver of change processes is digitalisation.Ready entry

Do you have a great idea for our magazine?

A community benefits from people who are interested in a topic - who are committed to it. If you yourself have a "soft spot" for sensible digitisation processes and would like to contribute something to this magazine, or if you just want to give us a hint on an exciting topic... We would be very happy to hear from you: We definitely take our time ūüėä