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White Paper

White paper on digital signatures in the energy sector

Signing documents and contracts is an essential step in almost all processes in the energy sector. The dynamics on the one hand and the high demands on process security and innovation pressure in the energy industry on the other hand can no longer be met by signing with a ballpoint pen. Electronic signatures are replacing handwritten signatures in more and more processes. In addition to the measurable acceleration of contractual processes, security, data and identity protection are the key factors in choosing the right e-signature platform.

This guide was written with the aim of providing all readers with a straightforward introduction to the essentials of digital signature workflows in the corporate context.

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A lot of information was submitted in paper form, which led to time-consuming manual processes [...]. This media disruption slowed down our processes considerably. By digitizing these processes and introducing digital signatures, we were able to eliminate this bottleneck and increase efficiency.

Dr. Franz Burger, Consultant Content Management and Collaboration at Energie AG Oberösterreich

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