managing digital documents

sproof allows you to register digital documents or electronic records of any type. Documents are complemented with a list of custom attributes and a timestamp and are stored in a decentralized and secure database. Once registered, a document can be easily and fast verified and authenticated. sproof is a platform for public administration, all kinds of companies, organizations and for individuals.

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sproof is a decentralized application that uses a blockchain for managing digital documents. sproof is designed for scalability and processes a number of events (e.g., issuing a document, revoking a document) within a single transaction. sproof makes the process of digital document verification easy and fast and provides an open, privacy-preserving protocol following the principle "developers first". An easy-to-integrate API makes developing applications fast and allows for digitalizing existing businesses, as well as for building all-new business models.

Open and Free

sproof is an open and free protocol and the result of many years of research. For full transparency, the sproof protocol and the sproof core is freely available and open source. sproof is blockchain agnostic and works with any blockchain (private, public, consotrium operated).


We love privacy. Therefore, sproof does not save or process any personal data and it is you who decides which data you share with whom. sproof is a decentralized and open plattform with no single trusted party involved.

Developers First

We are living developers first. sproof provides all the tools needed to integrate decentralized management of digital documents into your application. This makes document verification fast, easy and secure.

Dive In

Dive into sproof and read our easy-to-understand brochure, the technical paper or start browsing the public code repository.


The sproof brochure provides an overview of the abilities and features of sproof. Learn how to use sproof in your organization and how to benefit from fast, easy and secure digital document verification. Download


The sproof paper is the result of extensive research in the field of digital document verification. Read this formal description to fully understand the sproof protocol and how the features of blockchain are employed. This paper is published at the conference ICISSP 2019. Download


The sproof core is open and freely available on GitHub. Browse the sproof source code and documentation and learn how to integrate sproof in your applications. Visit

Contact us for free access to the sproof App.


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