sproof makes issuing, receiving and verifying digital documents fast and easy. sproof is a decentralized applications and has two main building blocks:

  • Web of Issuers. All users are organized in a web of trust. Any user can be an issuer. To verify issuers, they can link their domain, social media accounts or a traditional X.509 certificate to their account.
  • Digital Documents. In sproof, anyone can issue digital documents. A digital document is any file that is issued from one user to another user.

sproof uses a blockchain and a distributed hash table to store all the information about issuers and documents decentralized.


In sproof there are three roles. Issuers, Receivers and Verifiyers. At any time you can have any one of these roles.

Web of Issuers

As a decentralized and open solution, sproof builds on a web of trust of issuers. Each issuer can confirm other issuers and strenghten its identity by linking the domain, social media profile or a traditional X.509 certificate.

For users

Create your sproof profile now to set up a public sproof profile. This allows others to confirm your profile and you can register and verify documents.

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For developers

Learn how to integrate sproof in your application to issue and verify all kinds of digital documents. sproof is written in Node.js for maximum scalability and performance.

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