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Sales Manager (*human*)

We - a wonderful team of motivated sproofer:innen - develop, design and distribute software in Salzburg/Puch. Software that helps people in companies to sign important documents digitally or have them signed. Our customers love our tool because it is simple, fast, legally valid and data secure. The task of the sales team is to increase this love - we also call it customer satisfaction -, collect feedback, define new target groups, test different channels and much more. The bottom line is that it's always about really good communication. Since we at sproof are experiencing an enormous upswing right now, we may continue to grow. I have a suspicion: You are a fresh spirit, bubbling over with ideas and communication is your true passion! If I am really right, then I will be infinitely happy to hear from you soon. Join our mission to convince even more companies to take a big step towards a digital, paperless future 😉 .

What we offer:

We are offering a full time position 38,5 h in Sales. Experience is good, the right attitude is even better. We don't measure you by years in the job or education. We focus on
Inspiration, motivation and team spirit.

  • Home Office
  • Flexible working hours
  • Modern, well-equipped workplace (fully ergonomic, everything you need;)
  • Best coffee in the country (we are also good at tea and the like)
  • Spontaneous (voluntary) fun trips with the best team

That's why we need you:

For us, everything revolves around communication. We sit at the end of the sales funnel and have rolled up our sleeves when it comes to turning prospects into satisfied customers.

  • Inbound
  • Outbound
  • Upsell
  • Partner Management
  • ICP Research
  • Customer Support
  • CRM Management

What makes us different:

We fulfil StartUp clichés! We have fun, we talk to each other and listen. We like it colourful and love
diversity. We care about how the other person is doing. We believe in "live and let live". We share successes and failures. Business and private. We admit our mistakes and learn from them.

  • Team spirit
  • Fail fast
  • Culture before strategy
  • One for all, all for one
  • Diversity & tolerance
  • Feedback culture

Estimated salary

The statutory collective agreement minimum salary is EUR 2051€ gross per month.
Of course, the actual payment depends on experience, qualifications and the industry-standard salary level.

Write to us ✉️.

Just send an email to: We want to get to know each other, introduce ourselves to you and avoid complicated application processes. If you're interested, just drop us a line and we can meet online or on site (☕️).


Sales Manager (*human*)


Full-time (38,5h) / Part-time


Puch b. Hallein Office / Remote

Together we will become Europe's No. 1 for digital signatures.

Behind sproof is a versatile team with a unified philosophy: Europe must become independent and bring its own top digital solutions to the market to meet the critical data protection and regulations. This works best with a lot of joy in a joint project that is destined for greatness.