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Good cooperation, great benefits!

MAPAG GmbH - a privately run, federally and state accredited testing and inspection body in the fields of building materials testing and environmental analysis - signs with sproof!

Philipp Gernerth
Updated on 14.06.2022


Since its foundation in 1969, MAPAG has been involved not only in research work but also in structural engineering studies in road construction: in the fields of asphalt, aggregates, earthworks and concrete. In 1988, the range of services was significantly expanded by the construction of the environmental analysis laboratory with the specialist areas of air, water, soil and waste. With approx. 90 employees, MAPAG prepares expert opinions and reports for its customers.

The trigger

MAPAG received numerous requests from its customers for digitally signed test reports and documents. This demand from customers and the incentive to improve customer satisfaction was ultimately the trigger to start the digitisation process. MAPAG provides its appraisals and reports in digital form. Printing them out, signing them and scanning them in again was an unnecessary additional work step. Now, to save paper costs and time, they have taken the step to sproof sign.

MAPAG uses sproof sign for expert opinions and reports on building material testing and environmental analysis. The documents must be presented to the customer with a legally valid qualified signature. The qualified digital signature is legally equivalent to the handwritten signature. Of course, the solution is DSGVO-compliant and sproof hosts all its services within the EU without the involvement of third countries. Furthermore, sproof sign is used for all offers and invoices. In total, up to 15,000 documents are generated annually.

sproof has improved essential processes.

"We are now able to quickly give a valid test report to the customer. Because we are an accredited body, the customer needs a signed report. sproof allows us to do this quickly and without the customer having to wait through long postal routes. Also, we no longer have to mark the emailed version as an advance copy."

Dipl. Ing. Dr. Martin Gregori
Managing Director, Mapag GmbH

**Working with sproof

Even if the triggers are in place, the first step to integrate a new system is always a challenge. sproof, however, offers a solution that does not require an IT project and can be used immediately. The signature tool is provided online and optional deeper integration into your own system is possible. During the cooperation between MAPAG and sproof, there were challenges in implementing industry-specific requirements. sproof showed great adaptability here and often responded on the same day. The actual introduction worked very quickly. After activating the solution for all employees, there is a short training session and everyone can start using digital signatures.

"We are an accredited testing laboratory and our customers eagerly await their test reports. Thanks to the batch signature, it is possible for me to sign up to 200 test reports that accrue daily with just one click. sproof enables us to do this quickly and without the customer having to wait through long postal routes. We also no longer have to specially mark the version sent by email as an advance copy."

Dipl. Ing. Dr. Martin Gregori
Managing Director
Mapag GmbH
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