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Integrate the digital signature into your digital application.

Become our partner and multiply the added value of your solution by integrating the legally valid digital signature including the best usability.

Offer the digital signature yourself and become the all-in-one solution

You offer a digital tool that makes life easier for your customers? In a short conversation, we find out whether the digital signature can extend these benefits even further.

Easiest integration into your application with perfect support

We love good collaboration and are quick and flexible when it comes to setting up a meaningful partnership.

Shape our platform; according to your appearance

Integrate not only our tool but also your individual branding and design. Your users will feel “at home”.
We love exciting synergies
Get to know & evaluate
Proof of Concept
Defining and setting up the interface
Book a video call (approx. 20 min.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why digital instead of analogue?

What are the advantages of using sproof for digital signatures?

When do I need a qualified digital signature?

Are signatures created with sproof legally valid?