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Learn everything about the digital signature - in a nutshell

We aim to become the one-stop shop for all knowledge about the digital signature in Europe - All those who prefer to learn efficiently will find it here very quickly. Believe us: it's not Rocket Science ūüöÄ

Learning modules

Digital signing can accelerate, improve and simplify your processes. In the first instance, however, it is necessary to know the most important features, contexts and requirements for the digital signing of contracts. Our learning modules help you to learn the most important things about digital signatures in a short time.

Cloud-based PDF signature solutions and DSGVO

Learning module

2 minutes

Cloud-based PDF signature solutions and DSGVO

Find out here what data a cloud solution for obtaining and issuing legally valid signatures processes and how this can be done in compliance with data protection laws. Open learning module

About the digital signature

Learning module

6 minutes

Digital signing

About the digital signature

The digital signature is the time-saving, resource-saving alternative to a time-honoured "cultural practice" - the handwritten signing and collection of signatures. There is a little background knowledge involved in the digital variant, which is summarised here, very briefly and concisely. Open learning module

You find the topic exciting!?

So do we ūüėä That's why we report on exciting use cases, success stories, technical topics and many other stories from the universe of sproof and the digital signature in our magazine.