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E-Book: The introduction of the digital signature

Learn all about in a nutshell:

Use cases of digital signature workflows

Security & privacy requirement

The signature standards "in a nutshell

Rapid digitization thanks to the cloud

sproof sign: A safe choice for all industries and company sizes.

Learn more about the #1 digital signing company in Europe.

We offer several ways to learn about digital signatures and our solution approach.
Make a personal appointment (30 min)

Together we evaluate your use case. Learn all about the potential of a digital signature workflow in your company.

Book demo appointment
Request short demo video (4 min)

You want to get a first impression? Verena from the sales team knows how to present our all-in-one platform for digital signing in a nutshell.

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An entertaining webinar for all your questions (45 min)

In an interactive online session, we explain the most important use cases of the electronic signature. The best place for your questions.

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Try sproof sign for free for private purposes. No credit card required.

"Oh how good when everyone knows. Digital signing saves time"

Uncomplicated start without installation

No setup or training required.

Mobile signing possible with any device.

Save measurable time from the first signature.

Sign documents in a flash

Sign contracts online very easily and efficiently.

Sign and send out documents in batches.

Important documents backed up in a highly secure cloud.

Check validity of signatures directly in the tool.

Highly secure cloud in compliance with all major standards.

Check FDA and eIDAS compliance directly in the application.

View digital signature certificates.

Digital signature tool made for Europe

Advanced or qualified signing (highest signature standards).

Obtain legally valid signatures without limits thanks to the eID interface.

Validate signatures directly in the platform.

For teams of any size and industry

Reliable and simple user and rights management.

Simplest API interface and SSO access.

Sign directly in popular Office tools thanks to integrations.

100% GDPR compliant & authoritative signing.

All servers hosted in the EU. Guaranteed without third country reference.

Download your own test report for each document.

All data traffic encrypted without compromise.

Convince through individualization & branding.

Uniform design for signatures for the entire team

Placement of the company logo in your signature

Customizable signature profiles and company certificates

Maximum simplicity and efficiency

Our signature solution is integrated into any IT infrastructure in a flash. Thanks to the simplest interface, no training is needed for your team or externals.

Signatures with the highest legal protection

Sign 100% legally binding and in accordance with the directives in force in the EU.

Highest possible data protection

All services are hosted within the EU and without the involvement of third countries (no US involvement). The handling of sensitive personal data meets the highest standards .

Others talk. We do the math. Learn about the advantages of the signature in numbers.

"We understand how to honestly assess the potential of digital signatures depending on use cases and company culture." - Heidi Boller, Head of Sales

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