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Sign PDFs online with Handy-Signatur (Citizen Card) and ID Austria (A-Trust)

Digitally sign PDFs free of charge

With sproof sign you sign PDF documents 100% legally valid with your existing "Handy-Signatur" (former citizen card) or ID Austria (both services of A-Trust GmbH). Try it yourself - it's easy and completely free.

And this is how it works:

1. Upload document

Upload your document here:

2. Select to sign yourself

In the editor, click the [Sign yourself] button.

Tip: You can optionally invite other people (contacts) to sign during this step.

3. Select Handy-Signatur

In the following dialog at the very end, select Handy-Signatur (ID Austria) under [External providers] or [Other options].

4. Place signature

Now place your signature(card) in the desired location on the document.

Tip: On mobile, you can double-tap to enlarge the document to make it easier to place your signature.

5. Identification

In the following dialog, identify yourself with your mobile phone number and the corresponding signature password.

Tip: If you have problems with your password or have forgotten your login data, you can find help at:

6. Authentication

Confirm the signature request in the Handy-Signatur App (Figure) or in the App - Digitales Amt:

7. Done!

Congratulations, you have successfully signed your document!

These are the advantages you enjoy when signing digitally with sproof sign

Electronically sign PDF documents multiple times

Invite several people to sign

Integrated signature check of already executed signatures