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The smartest digital signature platform for any business

It's time! Switch to digital signature and save your business a lot of time, money and paper thanks to the most sophisticated workflow - meeting the highest compliance and security standards.

100% legally valid

100% DSGVO compliant

Maximum simplicity and efficiency!

Get important signatures in minutes thanks to the intuitive interface - so you sign without any training or IT project.

Legally qualified signing

Sign legally binding documents throughout the EU in accordance with the eIDAS Regulation. The qualified electronic signature is legally equivalent to the handwritten signature.

Guaranteed DSGVO compliant

All services are hosted within the EU and without the involvement of third countries (no US involvement). Thus, data protection is uncompromisingly guaranteed.

Companies from all over Europe trust us.

The powerful arguments for more efficient signing at a glance.

Get started immediately with the simplest integration.
Quick start, without complicated IT project
Secure and direct access for all team members
Use partner integrations and add-ons (e.g. Google Drive, MS Teams, Microsoft Word, ADVOKAT)
Use add-ons
Rely on maximum data protection and legal validity.
100% DSGVO compliant. Data guaranteed stored in the EU
Unlimited advanced and qualified signing
Collect signatures across Europe
Safety & Conformity
Speed up internal signing.
Intelligently manage and sign documents in a team
Draw countless documents at the same time via batch signature
Reliable and simple user and rights management
Obtain external signatures securely.
Collect signatures outside the organization in a flash
Send automatic reminders for important signatures
Equip customers, partners and suppliers with the qualified signature
Customize the platform to match the company branding.
Uniform design for signatures for the entire team
Placement of the company logo in your signature
Customizable signature card
Convince through personalized certificate.
Individual certificates for your organization
Individual certificates for individual departments
Integration of the Austrian official signature possible

You save measurable time, money & paper. We will be happy to calculate your return on investment.

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