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Legally sign contracts online with primeSIGN

You and your business partners can sign important contracts directly in sproof sign with an existing primeSIGN identification.


"digital signing, simple as that " - primeSIGN is a leading manufacturer and provider of products, services and solutions for electronic signatures. With more than 20 years of experience in this field, everything we do revolves around the digitization and optimization of signature processes. Since June 2016, we have also been an eIDAS trust service provider and operate an internationally active trust center for qualified signature and seal certificates. Thousands of certificates are issued here every day and millions of signature transactions are processed.

Frequently asked questions

Use your existing qualified signature directly in sproof sign.

Digital Signature 2.0 - Qualified Signing without Borders throughout Europe

sproof has been working intensively on a newly developed interface for qualified signing throughout Europe over the past few weeks. Now the beta version has been officially transferred to the test phase with some important key accounts.